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For now please con­tact us via one of the email ad­dresses to the right de­pend­ing on your con­cern.

Be­fore con­tact­ing us, please visit our FAQ sec­tion.

Phone: +49 8441 476 9100
Mon­day - Fri­day, 11am - 1pm and 3pm - 5pm CEST/​CET.

Feel free to write to us at con­tact@truf­flepig-foren­


Truf­flepig Nexus

Truf­flepig Nexus is the first prod­uct by Truf­flepig Foren­sics, an in­tu­itive and pow­er­ful mem­ory foren­sics so­lu­tion.

You can cur­rently only buy Truf­flepig Nexus on our web­site. Any other sources your might come across are not of­fi­cial and not rec­om­mended.

My Sub­scrip­tion

Check your oder con­fir­ma­tion emails, you will find a link to our self-ser­vice por­tal there. To log on, you have to en­ter the email ad­dress that you used when or­der­ing the prod­uct. You will then get an email con­tain­ing a lo­gin link to that ad­dress.

You can use the soft­ware as long as you are sub­scribed. If you miss to pay a sub­scrip­tion bill you will get two (for the monthly sub­scrip­tion) or four (for longer sub­scrip­tions) re­minders. If you fail to pay, your sub­scrip­tion will be can­celed and you will lose ac­cess to your soft­ware one week later.

We re­quire ac­tive sub­scribers to up­date the soft­ware at least once every sub­scrip­tion pe­riod. This is nec­es­sary to en­sure that your li­cense is up­dated and you keep ac­cess to the soft­ware.